Leviathan Owl – Everything Will Be Fine

Everything Will Be Fine is the brainchild of Scottish drummer Andrew Scott aka Leviathan Owl.

Opening track ‘Pofaced’ springs out of the traps with a crescendo of heavy guitar, which may see you reaching for your studded belt and chequered flag Vans en route to the Cathouse, but the track has more layers than a Pixar ogre and suddenly changes to a post rock lullaby.


As the track progresses, the guitar is joined by soothing xylophone as it rises and falls in a manner which sets the tone for the whole record.

The advantage of this being a solo record, is that Scott is able to collaborate with different artists and create a different style for each track, while still keeping a familiar style.

This is distinctly clear on ‘Home’, where the lengthy guitar solo from Rhys Gilchrist creates a slightly darker tone, while still continuing the rhythm from ‘Pofaced’.

Part of the beauty of this record is its ability to keep the listener engaged, even without lyrics, there is a sense of a wordless story being told.

This is most evident on penultimate track ‘Built by Dogs (Part One)’, which feels like a combination of the two previous tracks, but with the addition of string solos to give the feeling that the track is building towards something epic.

Call me old fashioned, but generally I prefer music with vocals as it is easier to realise the intention of the song and feel a connection, however, it is only halfway through final track ‘Built By Dogs (Part Two)’ (who saw that one coming?) that it becomes clear that I have not missed the vocals on this occasion. Leviathan Owl certainly let the music do the talking.

If the skill and invention shown by Scott on this EP is indicative of the music Scotland is producing in 2017, then you would be inclined to agree that, yes, everything will be fine.

Words: Steven Aitken


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