Snack Villain – ‘Breakfast Burger’

New single ‘Breakfast Burger’ from bedroom artist Snack Villain aka Adam Skirving; is a ballsy and dignified effort, cultivating a sundried fantasy directed by Tarantino.

The skelping guitar melody repeats throughout the track, leaving you enslaved to its catchiness – the cleverly placed vocal melody follows the main guitar line, constructing a refined aesthetic, teasing elements of fullness whilst leaving some aspects to the imagination; space is a tough concept to grasp, however, this has been perfectly executed.


The sultry drums seem to fold into themselves, tickling the idea of an artificial platform – tasteful and necessary.

There is a breezy sweep of clumsy imperfection to the track, which encapsulates the lethargic and sluggish vocal, allowing a clear vision of graceful indulgence.

Words: John Houston


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