Bluebirds – ‘Subcultural Love’

‘Subcultural Love’ is the first release from Bluebirds‘ debut EP, pleasantly-titled There Is No God.

The Glasgow-based Edinburgers have developed a reputation as being a must-see live act, and ‘Subcultural Love’ certainly shows off an intensity that very few bands are able to capture.


The track is dark and unnerving, drawing the listener into a five minute bind with no respite.

Vocalist Daniel Telford’s Nick Cave-esque snarl guides the track murkily, before the track crashes into cacophonous life, as he howls “we need to see some more skin”.

The void left by the premature end of The Amazing Snakeheads has left a vast amount of music-lovers craving a fix of fierce, in-your-face rock and roll.

It certainly appears that Bluebirds are the band to step up and deliver it.

Words: Graham McCusker


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