Wecamefromwolves at The Garage, 5/5/17

Showing up not so fashionably late to tonight’s show (as usual), I make it in time for old favourites wecamefromwolves’ set.

A last minute decision made when frontman Kyle Burgess messaged asking if I’d like to come along; I’m usually not favourable of last minute plans but I couldn’t turn down the offer to see the Perthshire boys tear up the Garage.


I was not disappointed, If there’s one thing I know about this band is they know how to really put their full energy into their set, which makes them a worthwhile band too see live even if they’re music is not quite to your taste.

Tonight though it seems like everyone is into it, the room is sold our, so is absolutely packed making it hard to get a great view of the four piece, but even though my view is obscured I know they’re giving it their all.

The only grievance is caused by it consisting of only newer material, and while I understand fully that most bands do not want to be paying their full discography at every gig and getting their fans to know their new material is extremely important, the lack of recognisable songs is felt through the crowd as the loud singing and chanting often present at the band’s gigs is missing.

Words: Jess Lavin


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