FOREIGNFOX – Lights Off, Carry Me Home [Scottish Fiction]

Having been compared to the likes of Fatherson and We Were Promised Jetpacks, Dunfermline five-piece FOREIGNFOX describe themselves as a ‘turbulent juxtaposition of dark, visceral post rock and defiant, uplifting at-folk’.

The intersection of opposing genres is what makes new release Lights Off, Carry Me Home a captivating culmination of despair, hope and optimism.


You can hear Jonny Watt’s pain in ‘Lights Off, Carry Me Home’, it’s beyond sadness and feels like there’s a need for respite, a desire to return home. The track is a climatic force in the face of dismay, building to a final brutal honesty, before treading lightly into the next track.

‘Bonfire’ is more hopeful and resonates with the band’s commitment to heart, hope and empathy; it’s a sea of emotion, of what music was crafted for: to communicate the human condition and connect through shared experience.

A Capybara remix of ‘Bonfire’ is a suitable outro and simply reiterates the many reasons why this new release proposes a poignant return for the band to the Scottish scene.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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