AMOR – ‘Paradise/In Love An Arc’ [Night School]

‘Paradise/In Love An Arc’ is the debut single from AMOR – the new supergroup featuring Paul Thomson of Franz Ferdinand fame, Richard Youngs, Luke Fowler and Michael Francis Duch.

Inspired by the disco sounds of 70s-era Philadelphia International Records, AMOR bring their avant-garde disco sensibilities to life through epic soundscapes.


Side A track ‘Paradise’ begins with a Blue Monday-style thumping kick drum, before a light funk instrumental gives way to a full-on funk stomp with Richard Youngs’ Bowie-esque vocal refrain of “calling from paradise/can you get through?” piercing through the heavily-layered synths.

‘In Love An Arc’ is an altogether far more minimalist affair.

The first part being solidly musique concrete, before the rhythm section of Thomson’s percussion and Duch’s double bass thunder the track into life prior to another joyful chorus delivered by Richard Youngs.

Both tracks push the 15-minute mark, and as such, were never going to be considered radio-friendly hits in the mould of their drummer’s day-job, for example.

However, there is enough from this first release to suggest that AMOR will continue to be an ongoing concern amongst the members’ other projects.

Words: Graham McCusker


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