I.SOLAR – Concubine [Little Tiger]

Sometimes records contain all the right ingredients, do everything a notional pop svengali may require them to do, but…but…just don’t really work; such is the case with ‘Concubine’ by I.SOLAR.

Got a bit of new wave, a touch of punky attitude, a smattering of new romantic, even, and yet… it’s just not there; ‘Concubine’ is a simulacrum of a good record.


Working out of the same studio as Golden Teacher – Green Door – the difference between the two bands is that the former sound like they actually mean it, they sound believable and have chutzpah; ‘Concubine’, whilst not being terrible, sounds like a record put together from on point ingredients but without any soul or conviction underpinning it.

I.SOLAR comprised of Casual Sex frontman Sam Smith shows there is talent – which makes it all the more baffling that this has appeared.

There’s a great groove underneath all the fripperies – but in no way believable overall and it’s affected angularity sounds just that; affected.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts


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