Forehead – Bedroom Tapes [GoldMold]

Sean Garrett’s forehead is an extremely complex and nuanced thing, his solo act Forehead is even more so.

A busy man who fronts Forehead and Lovely Ladies – who are due a release soon, Garrett has a number of tricks up his sleeve, not least Bedroom Tapes, the debut EP from Forehead.


The opening track ‘Here’ sets the stage immaculately for his uniquely imaginative and experimental brand of self-conscious, melodic and emotional music.

An instrumental track, it conveys well the mood of the EP without giving too much away.

‘Honest’ follows suit in an apparently consistent way before inviting in some playful and out-there electronic elements – which remain sparse enough only to flavour the track rather than overpower it.

The shy and lazy but multi-faceted and well harmonised vocals arrive – compelling one to gaze at one’s shoe.

The distinctly funkier and groovier ‘Corner Pieces Falling Apart’ subverts expectations and highlights the versatility, intelligence and multitudinousness of Forehead.

The discordant audio effects on the guitar work extremely well and confer a sense of drunken dreaminess.

The track is unique amongst its fellows on the EP, the only bad thing about it is its length, or lack thereof.

After that, we get ‘Favourite People’, the EP’s flagship track; this song is delivered with a lot more confidence and volume, incorporating well the elements hitherto presented.

With catchy musical hooks – ranging in temperance – and soft, emotional and well delivered vocals, all wrapped up in quirky, sporadic, experimental production, there’s not much not to love about Forehead.

You’ll be able to catch Forehead live soon enough, and if you like what you get with Forehead be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new Lovely Ladies EP.

Words: Paul Aitken


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