Posable Action Figures – ‘Cut’

Posable Action Figures follow up last year’s self-titled EP with their new single ‘Cut’; offering a distinctly funkier, poppier and less emotional beat.

When I say poppy, I don’t mean “it’s so Britney Spears X Take That,” but that it pops, you can pop along to it – if you know what I mean.


When I say emotional, I don’t mean that ‘Cut’ contains less emotion, but that it is less “emo-ey” – if you know what I mean.

Their self-titled EP contained more of the eccosemo elements that are flying around these parts these days.

‘Cut’ offers a much more widely accessible and enjoyable track for each and every Scottish dancefloor.

The new single is a deceptively simple and on the nose teaser for an apparently diverse outfit, the Edinburgh duo is indeed ones to watch in 2017.

Words: Paul Aitken


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