Premiere: Cameron Roxburgh – ‘Outside’

‘Outside’ is the first single to raise its head from the upcoming EP of the same title from Cameron Roxburgh and songwriting partner Callum Cronin and the track sees the duo build on an already impressive couple of EPs releases over the last couple of years.

As with their previous releases there’s a real originality to Roxburgh’s songwriting that shows a real maturity beyond his years; merging off-beat lyrical patterns with progressive song structures that set a real intrigue to their work.

The track itself builds from forboding twangs to a solid rootsy backdrop before Roxburgh’s recognisable Scottish twang announces “I’ll take your hand”,.

A number of entrancing temp changes then carry the song forward, including a chorus section sees the music laid bare and the singer chanting the iconic apparent last words of Captain Oates, “I’m going outside, I might be sometime”, but delivered in an almost chirpy sense that paradoxes the muttered suidcidal message being the line.

‘Outside’ is yet another example of a strong songwriting relationship, and sets excitement rolling going for what’s to come.

The Outside EP is due for relase on March 23rd.

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