Touche Amore at Stereo, 20/2/17

“I feel like I repeat myself everytime I come here, but I love playing Glasgow” so says Touche Amore‘s lead vocalist Jeremy Bolm late into the band’s third visit to Stereo and fourth to Glasgow overall, and after the set so far, it is not exactly difficult to see why.

The band has always received a warm, passionate response from Glasgow, but Bolm is genuinely thrilled that for the first time, they have sold the place out on pre-sales alone, meaning the band are more than happy to reciprocate.


Touring their fourth full-length album, Touche Amore may well have struck upon their best record yet in the incredibly tough-yet-cathartic Stage Four, an album detailing Bolm’s grieving process after losing his mother to cancer during the previous album …Is Survived By‘s 2013 tour.

The band has never exactly been slackers when it comes to their live show, but the amount of trust and sheer proficiency between them at this stage is palpable.

Given the deeply personal subject matter of Bolm’s latest lyrics, that is perhaps necessary, but more importantly, the band at this stage seem so attuned to their sound and each other that, really, it’s no wonder they were able to make such a successful album.

Mixing a set mostly made up of the band’s latest with their 2011 breakout Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, Touche Amore are on terrific form as ever tonight, easily transitioning openers such as ‘Flowers and You’ and ‘~’ to the adoration of the baying crowd who are shouting along to virtually every word.

More impressive is how the new album’s cleaner moments, such as the beautiful and heartbreaking ‘Benediction’ flows effortlessly from older song ‘Amends’ and while it acts as a small cooling off period for the crowd, that isn’t to say they aren’t still along for the ride.

Meanwhile single ‘Palm Dreams’ show off the band’s poppier prowess, without forgetting their punishing beginnings, even on newer tracks such as ‘Water Damage’.

Closing on old fan favourites ‘Honest Sleep’ and ‘Gravity, Metaphorically’ one feels Touche will still be welcome back to Glasgow (and everywhere else) for many years to come.

Words: Adam Turner-Heffer
Photos: Sean Campbell 


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