Cameron Robertson – A Good While

Cameron Robertson makes guitar led music that voyages from shimmering, almost classical pieces to the sort of funky alternative rock that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Incubus album.

Ultimately an EP length suite of guitar pieces without vocals is always going to be something of a niche proposition, but Robertson is a soulful guitar player, a skilled arranger and the production is crisp, clean and punchy.


The stop-start ‘Further On’ features some neat interplay between guitar and drums while the bouncy rock of ‘At Long Last’ has some clever double guitars and a mean solo wig-out.

‘Glencoe’ is a scratchier and more progressive piece with more clearly defined sections that it moves through over its seven minute length, before a neat outro reminiscent of C Duncan’s neo-classical flourishes.

Closer ‘Peak’ has the feel of a mountain top dispatch with a jazz-rock groove and some impressive musicianship.

Don’t expect to see it climbing the pop charts anytime soon, but for hazy festival vibes, A Good While is a good way to while away some time.

Words: Max Sefton


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