Yakima – Wabi Sabi

‘Wabi Sabi’ is catchy, classy, well-executed, musically mature and self-assured track from Yakima, mirroring previous efforts when it comes to the music, but there used to be something not quite right vocally, which looks to have been ironed out.

A lot of the track is driven by the bass, adding impetus to the already impactful guitar work, with the drums picking up in all the right places, joining the rest of the elements in delivering a punchy, light, Sunday afternoon belter.


The band seems to have been moving from a place of classical rock towards these jauntier elements, suggesting that Yakima is perhaps honing in on its own sound and style.

You could do much worse than to listen to this song, it is very moreish indeed and suggests the presence of a talented band with the song-writing chops to make it work.

Words: Paul Aitken


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