Campfires in Winter – ‘Free Me From the Howl’ [Olive Grove]

The first thing that Campfires in Winter strikes you with is catchy, relatable and simple lyrics amidst a memorable rhythm.

The bassline drives the song from start to finish and supports the effortless and natural vocals throughout.


‘Free Me From The Howl’ is an evolving and dynamic track that incorporates a lot of instruments and elements in balance and harmony; the track is well considered and superbly executed.

This single makes for easy listening but is still emotionally and artistically well integrated, oftentimes emotionality or artistic integrity is sacrificed in favour of a broader appeal, here Campfires in Winter manage to walk the fine line between these factors.

It isn’t divisive or particularly risqué, but is nonetheless enjoyable, making for a good but not particularly revolutionary track, it will be interesting to hear what Campfires in Winter have in the bag for a longer release.

Words: Paul Aitken


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