Big Cloud – Shineosaur [Cloudstrong Industries]

Hailed as “fearlessly boring groove-drone and ambient pop” by themselves, Fife-based band Big Cloud has just released 3-track EP Shineosaur and it is safe to say that they have falsely advertised themselves as in the boring sense.

The title track is calm, melodic and peaceful track; built around slow, repeating guitar chords and haunting, soft vocals, that fade into the background as the floating melodies and soft bass hold together the delicate track.


Big Cloud has achieved a thought provoking yet tranquil track that is structured exceptionally well and remains enjoyable throughout its whole 8 minutes.

‘Energy Queen’ conveys a different side to the band’s abilities; focused around a heavy bass beat and drops of experimentation with electronic styles alongside vocals, which are much more in focus than the previous track.

Closer, ‘Haze (for Horses)’ is stripped back with minimal use of instruments and with vocals being placed forward as the prominent aspect this time.

The many natural sounds within the track complement the story the singer tells, and all these components make for a very raw and extremely sincere track.

Words: Orla Brady


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