Against Me! at The Garage, 9/12/16

Taking the stage with an air of determination and subtle dignity, Laura Jane Grace and Against Me! deliver a flawless performance to their adoring fans in their sold out Glasgow gig.

Opening with what can arguably be classed as their new anthem, after singer Grace came out as transgender, the Florida four-piece riffle straight into ‘True Trans Soul Rebel’.


With cheers souring through the crowd and what seems liked everyone singing along in unity it is clear Against Me! are here to make this gig an event, and an event it becomes.

Performing a mixture of songs from their most recent album Shape Shift With Me, including ‘333’ and ‘Haunting, Haunted, Haunts’ each track is executed perfectly with slight crowd interaction from Grace.

Appreciating that their audience want to listen to a varied mixture of old and new, as acknowledged by Grace as she glides across the stage, it is fair to say Against Me! tick many boxes performing a selection from almost all their albums to date.

As Atom Willard begins to pat the drums into a steady beat the crowd erupt with enthusiasm in recognition before a single guitar string is plucked for old favourite ‘Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong’; here is where you truly realise that Against Me! certainly still have punk running through their veins as Grace oozes power in her vocals and the band play in perfect unity through the entire song.

Staying with classic hits including 2007’s single ‘New Wave’ and ‘I Was A Teenage Anarchist’ to more modern hits, with a nod to friends who are no longer with us in ‘Dead Friends’ from Transgender Dysphoria Blues and ‘Unconditional Love’ from the same album.

Closing the action packed gig the lights shine pink and blue for the emotive ‘Black Me Out’ where the crowd erupt in cheers and applause; not content with their fill of Against Me! that dismal Scottish chant booms throughout The Garage for the return of a visibly ecstatic solo Grace to perform ‘Fuckmylife666’ before the rest of the band return for an even livelier encore.

Taking the time to interact with the crowd Grace is emotional, thanking for the acceptance and basking in the knowledge “that nobody in this audience voted for Trump” to a hearty cheer before closing in fantastic style with ‘Thrash Unreal’ encouraging crowd surfing, chanting and appreciation.

Against Me! conquer The Garage with an eclectic mix of new and old to an extremely lively crowd that cement the night with raucous applauds for an evening filled with good, old-fashioned punk.

Words: Lorne Gillies


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