Gig Recommendations (Nov 28-Dec 4)

Here’s the Rave Child picks of this week’s action:

Monday, November 28



Muncie Girls, Whoanows, Happy Accidents, MISC. Meat at Tut’s

Tuesday, November 29


Mystic Braves, The Bellybuttons, Black Cat Revue at Broadcast

Wednesday, November 30


Psychic Ills, The Valkarys, Uncle Judas at Broadcast

Jason Riddell, lefthand, Sulka at The Old Hairdressers

Saturday, December 3


Teenage Fanclub at Barrowlands

Ultras, Storm the Palace, Curdle at 13th Note

Gold Mold presents Brothers, Soft Drinks Club, Spinelli, Dead Wrestlers at The Old Hairdressers

Sunday, December 4


4/12 Teenage Fanclub at ABC

4/12 Black Peaches, LYLO at Mono

4/12 The Lemon Twigs at Sleazy’s

4/12 A Giant Dog at The Hug and Pint


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