Stop the Rain – ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ [Eighty-Eight]

The cover for Stop the Rain’s debut single, ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’, is all the pastel shades of an Instagram filter: the camera blinks a gold flash on a heart-shaped balloon, the sun drips its washed-out light on bare limbs, long grass and a gleaming tattoo.

It’s suitable artwork for a release which combines the zeal of youthful energy with a yearning nostalgia, the lovelorn homesickness implied by the title.


The tender-aged, Perth-based four-piece offer four minutes of strongly melodic indie rock, whose tight guitar rhythms and forceful drum thrashes refuse to contain the refreshing passion of singer Blair Davie’s accented vocal delivery.

You can imagine this song being blasted from a Perthshire hillside, what with the vitality of its delivery, which builds and builds, crashing over eventually into one subsiding, well-earned chord.

While there’s something of The Xcerts and early Twin Atlantic here, ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ has a sense of cathartic release which is all its own, owing perhaps to the fearlessly long notes set against the twitching, insistent beats of the band’s rhythm section.

All in all, an alt-rock delight to keep you pining for long lost, innocent summers; let’s hope there’s more to come soon.

Words: Maria Sledmere


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