Stanley Odd – ‘It’s all Gone to Fuck’ [A Modern Way]

Like the character of a contemporary classic, Stanley Odd traverses melodic pages with big boots and something decent to say.

Fuelled with gruff defiance of the status quo it is clear by the complex lyrics that their intellect is sky high and that you’d need to be glued to the telly for days to grasp all the snappy references.


A xylophone that sounds as innocent as a rainbow coloured toy plays to the musing “it’s all gone to Fuck” creating a playful oxymoron.

The irony continues to a welcoming hip-hop beat as Stanley Odd’s gloomy protests are rapped in a light-hearted tone, which makes this song enjoyable.

Stanley Odd’s sense of humour rivals Holden Caulfield but the band’s knuckles are steady and emblazoned with much more conviction.

The songs layout is stimulating both in timing and in tempo particularly when the heavy and distorted chorus forces its way in to declare that the subject is not a laughing matter.

At first it’s empowering and beckons you in, however this chorus continues for too long making it over stated.

In fact the true pleasure of this song is the quick-witted verses and striking delivery of Solareye who creates entertainment at every turn of truth.

Words: Mhairi MacDonald


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