We Came From Wolves – ‘I Need Something’ [Saraseto]

We Came From Wolves’ self-titled debut album cemented their status as one of the best alternative rock acts emerging from the Scottish scene.

‘I Need Something’ is the final single from the record and is an emotional end to the album cycle, with singer Kyle Burgess calling the track a “battle cry for a better life, one with meaning and worth”.


The first half of the song is mellow, with a simple guitar to keep the focus on the lyrics, which discuss Burgess’ feelings of isolation from his hometown of Perth after moving to Glasgow to focus on creating music.

The rest of the band then come crashing in and the song swells up to an emotional climax, with the repeated, “I just need something better than this” begging you to sing along.

The Wolves have now returned home after extensive touring to work on their next album, which is already highly anticipated.

It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next after such a successful year, but no doubt the polished guitars and raw lyrics will remain their defining features.

Words: Shannon McGarrity


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