Ty Segall and the Muggers at The Art School, 22/6/16

Ty Segall has done more than pull the “super group” trick as The Muggers are made up of guys that could sell-out rooms themselves.

Segall has put together a classic freak band in the tradition of The Mothers, Alice Cooper band and early Devo and with that the canon is all mixed up and recontextualised for 2016.


Cory Hanson, of Wand, is on keys dressed in a Bryan Ferry Safari suit complete with Berlin Bowie shades and hair, King Tuff on guitar is referred to as the Orangeman (sketchy name for a Glasgow show), is in an unbuttoned orange boiler suit that looks like a Halloween costume/budget version of Jimmy Page’s Dragon suits, where as Segall’s costume has been a Devo Booji Baby reference has a story to it…

At Primavera this year the baby mask that Segall has used on the album cover and live TV appearances was stolen.

Tonight the Glaswegian who stole it is here to return the mask, the moment is golden as when Segall catches a glimpse of the mask, freezes and just stares.

This movement is echoed as the reaction transfers around the other five band members.

“He Killed Him! A fortnight ago in Barcelona!” it could have got ugly, but the mask has a new owner.

All this would have made the gig great, but we haven’t factored the tunes into it yet.

From his earlier records like Slaughter House, Twins and his Fuzz albums Segall, and others such as King Tuff, have took the Black Sabbath influences and kept them in the garage instead of pressing on in the metal direction.

Those riffs are present with the three guitar line up, with added ring mod and squeals – examples being Emotional ‘Mugger/Leopard Preistess’, ‘Big Baby Man’ and everything else from the current album.


The setlist stays with this album for the most part, Twins track ‘Thank God for Sinners’ pops up at the end of the set that fits better than the material from 2014s Manipulator.

The abrasive qualities of the early records are still present, however the added frequencies and theatrics allow more to the tunes at a slower tempo.

The crowd on the night feel that too and that illustrates what separates Segall with bands like Thee Oh Sees: Segall has tunes.

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Words: Paul Choi
Photos: Elina Lin


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