Big Deal, Fazerdaze, Shanine Gallagher, The Twistettes at Tut’s, 7/6/16

For a venue known for its rich history, and in a city revered for its boisterous crowds, Tut’s is a shadow of what it’s considered to be tonight.

The cause is hard to pinpoint; perhaps the rare Glasgow sun is what’s keeping people outdoors, maybe Coldplay are to blame for pulling the usual casual gig-goers towards Hampden’s open pitch; whatever the ultimate reason, Big Deal make their Scottish tour debut to an unfortunately empty room.


The Twistettes

That doesn’t stop the full four-band bill from bringing their A-game though: opening the night with murky bass riffs and shrill riot grrrl vocals, The Twistettes’ set is short but undeniably sweet.

Shanine Gallagher

Following swiftly on is another local name, Shanine Gallagher, who readily confesses her love for the headliners.

Her drummer also admits to having had less practice than they’d have liked, but you’d never be able to tell – the band is tight, and the small audience takes easily to Gallagher’s sweet acoustic melodies and lilting voice.


The final support for the evening comes in the form of New Zealand’s Fazerdaze.

There’s some fun banter to be had regarding their accents – a guessing game which is over almost immediately to the group’s apparent surprise – and despite awkwardly calling the crowd forward a few times as barrier-less shows necessitate, it’s a charming set chock-full of punchy drums and wide smiles.

Big Deal3

When Big Deal finally takes the stage, the evening seems to pick up a bit of much-needed steam.

The four-piece are energetic, personable and despite the low turnout, appear to be having a good time putting on a show despite the temptation of Chris Martin and lacklustre suntans.

There’s even some impassioned head-nodding to be seen as they power through new tracks from recent release Say Yes and a few fan favourites, but it all comes slightly too late.

In the end, it’s a valiant effort from all involved – we can only hope that the next time they’re in town, the rain’s back on.

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Words/Photos: Aimee Boyle


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