Martha Ffion – ‘We Disappear’ [Turnstile]

It’s easy, nay lazy to simply compare Martha Ffion’s laid back pop music to the pet sounds of the sixties.

Sure her sound is almost Dusty Springfield-esque, however make no mistake there is a deep well of talent being mined by this Irish born Glasgow based singer.


Last single ‘Wallflower’ was a honey dripped candy glazed affair, however her latest offering, ‘We Disappear’, shows a harder side to Ffion’s song writing talents.

The vocal retains all the warmth and sweetness we have grown accustomed to from this charming siren, however the single has a more lo-fi downbeat feel.

A jangling almost caustic guitar loop juxtaposes and introduces Ffion’s vocals with the guitar only softening for the chorus.

The guitar returns to mesmerise with a stalling minimalistic beat, while Ffion’s elegant and entrancing voice tangles with the music forming a beguiling chemistry.

Another simple yet stunning single from Ffion; check this pleasant video set in an empty pool in Glasgow’s Govanhill swimming baths:


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