The Van T’s – ‘Blood Orange’ [Bloc+]

The Van T’s new single ‘Blood Orange’ is an aromatic grunge blend with contemporary base notes.

The song expands its reach with each spray of the soothingly blasé chorus.


Often likened to surf rock there are elements that make you picture a skateboarder on a Californian boardwalk, however this track has more overcast grit to it and a Brighton pavement too slippy to skate on is more fitting.

What’s more is that where The Beach Boys may have found a washed up engagement ring these guys would find a shiny condom – certainly today I’d chose the latter.

‘Blood Orange’ is finely packaged and wrapped brilliantly like a Wolf Alice song.

The distorted guitars rise with energy and the powerful waves do not stop as the heft of the drums pick up the pace.

This song has a “hall ass” approach that does not apologise and the tempestuous guitar solo pulls the single round full swing, in a “pedal to the metal” manner.

The Van T’s are an extremely exciting band to listen to and the scent of success hovers in the air around them.

Words: Mhairi MacDonald


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