Restless Natives: Into It. Over It., The Hotelier, Rozwell Kid, Slowlight at Saint Luke’s, 11/5/16

First of all I would like to mention tonight’s venue, I may be biased as I stay in the East End, but Saint Luke’s has quickly become one of my favourite venues in Glasgow; everything from the aesthetic to the sound quality from the PA is just superb.

This is certainly noted by all the bands playing this evening, with The Hotelier even joking the wanted to use the organ in their set.


Tonight’s show is part of new week long festival, Restless Natives Festival, which is looking to highlight independent music, film and food and drink in Glasgow, while celebrating the city’s East End.

First support comes from local punk band Slowlight, and they give a really strong set, filled with raw vocals and loud yet intricate melodies.

Certainly for those interested in bands such as Fugazi and Sonic Youth etc., Slowlight seem to be making good tracks and I’m excited to hear the album they are planning to record very soon.


Next up is Rozwell Kid, an indie rock band from West Virginia, and the tone is instantly set as the whole band jump on stage wearing lion onesies.

The band deliver one of the most energetic sets I have seen a support band give in a very very long time.

I can only describe the band as Weezer, with some Wheatus-esque falsetto vocals, mixed with some of the catchiest guitar hooks I have ever heard.

The whole set has a comedic tone, with guitarist and vocalist Jordan Hudkins filled the gaps between songs with ridiculous call and answer chants with the crowd and insulting his bandmates.

The songs don’t take a serious note either, with names like ‘Birthday Sombrero’ and ‘Baby’s First Sideburns’.

An astounding set leaving the crowd a bit confused, but certainly wanting more.


It is time for the first headliner of the evening, The Hotelier, the band certainly at the forefront of the 90’s Midwest emo revival, but is so much more than that.

With songs dealing with some pretty dark subject matters, but in a way very contrasted to others in the genre; they can only really be compared musically to bands such as American Football and Tiny Moving Parts etc.

They open with an unreleased track from their upcoming album, then begin making their way through songs from their two albums and newest single ‘Soft Animal’.

A personal highlight comes during ‘An Introduction To The Album’, the band clearly have a very strong following, which can be seen through this song as they scream every single word back, equaling the passion that singer and bassist Christian Holden puts into the set.


Final act of the night is Philadelphia emo/indie rockers Into It. Over It. and we are treated to a full band set this evening, instead of just singer Evan Weiss.

The band batter through a gigantic,16-song setlist, spanning their six-album repertoire.

The band have such an interesting sound, with Weiss providing an incredible voice, paired with even better lyrics and the added dynamic of the full band behind him makes for a memorable set.

The band seem to really enjoy playing to a very enthusiastic

crowd, Weiss telling us that he felt that Glasgow was one of the first places to get what he was trying to do and not just dismiss him as another guy with an acoustic guitar.

Overall, the night is an incredible showcase of music, a triumph of independent music and gives the East End the exposure it deserves; I look forward to the next Restless Natives Festival.

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Words/Photos: Nathan Matheson


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