The Yummy Fur at Tut’s, 25/3/16

Person 1 – “Hey!”
Person 2 – “How you doing?”
Person 3 – “Hi! Looking forward to this!”
Person 1 – “YFYT”
Person 2 – “I haven’t seen him since the last millennium”
Person 1 – “Same people at these gigs”

This conversation is happening all over Tut’s tonight, as the venue that made its name in the 90s venue plays host to what has became seemingly a joint headline gig with 90s bands for 90s people.


The Yummy Fur hasn’t played since December 2010 and this is really exciting for me personally, as I love this band.

After clearing up why the Rave Child emails go straight to the junk folder along with The Yummy Fur guest list; Lord Rave Child, with cocktail in hand, and myself make our way to the venue to get right in front of the stage.

The Yummy Fur walks on; John/Jackie (to the dole) McKeown places set lists next to everyone.

As Paul Thomson and Brian McDougal (drums and guitar respectively, and members from an older line up) sort out their gear McKeown runs through a very accurate rendition of The Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’.

Following this some 1980s King Crimson riffs, if anything cements my love for this band.

Dino Bardot, the second bassist from the 1990s, has replaced Paul Guided Missile on bass to complete the four-piece line up.

‘In The Company of Women’, ‘Cryptdang’, ‘Hypermarket’, ‘Policeman’, ‘Canadian Flag’ and ‘Department’ are all aired (with a few more that I forget).

The guitar lines are simple, yet their abstract nature makes them complicated; it sounds the way you’d imagine it would sound like if you played guitar with Crayons instead of fingers.

The set lasts for roughly 30 minutes, hope to get a full hour at the next headline show at Mono in May.

Words: Granola Crayola


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