Earths – Blood Diary [Gold Mold]

With a slew of upcoming festival dates coming up, Earths are making a big impact upon the Scottish indie scene and new release, Blood Diary, makes it very apparent why this is the case.

It builds on last year’s impressive single, ‘Kangerlussuaq’; the same intriguing instrumentals sound more assured, more decisive.


Melancholy in a way that is exciting and never too self-absorbed, they are without doubt a band helping to keep guitar music relevant and experimental with enough personality to invoke a strong connection almost immediately.

Earths blend elements of shoegaze, indie, folk and emo, glued together with honest vocals and clever instrumentation.

Second song, ‘Familiar Echo’ stands out as a fantastically arranged piece of indie, with inspired drum parts wrapped smartly around the tightly angular rhythms of the guitar and bass.

This track mixes Shins-esque harmonic choices with the soft urgency of There Will be Fireworks, concluding with something that sounds as big as Foals minus that fingers-in-your-ears feeling.

Any Funeral for a Friend fans will instantly hear the opening of ‘Juneau’ at the start of ‘Roundhouse’, but this track develops into something altogether more pleasing and, dare I say, anthemic.

The pitched guitar sound washes reality away from the track, which overall seems to mix a very organic instrument sound with something very well produced (note: not overproduced) – what sounds like an 808 sits alongside a beautifully lo-fi drum sound.

Their self-described “pop songs gone wrong” have struck something great on Blood Diary.

Words: Andy Gregory


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