Polarnecks – Scary Things [Gold Mold]

Scary Things is the latest EP from Glasgow-based trio Polarnecks; a record which maintains the band’s dark, emotive sound while displaying a new maturity in their output.

‘Miles Away’ kicks off with a menacing intro to an ominous rock and roll tune; there are hints of Placebo at times, strong 80s influences at others and a sombre atmosphere underpins the track throughout.
Soon, it is the stylish riffs and echoing vocals of ‘Lungs’, a more modern sounding take on the band’s troubled aura; roaring guitars bring an impressive track to a sudden end which leads into unnerving distortion.


‘Basketball’, where the echoing vocals remain, flows forbiddingly with occasional darkened nods to the grunge scene before a thundering conclusion.
‘Peace of Mind’, a slightly more upbeat (or at least less gloomy!) track with an addictive melody, suggests some Idlewild influences during another intense song.

The penultimate track is ‘Empty’, in which a fast-paced intro never dissipates, giving the song momentum, and the vocals boasting a punk edge; with impressive riffs and stylish drum loops throughout, the angst-riddled chorus features occasional wailing vocals and the concluding cries of “what is the point?” sum up the emotions behind the song.

Closer ‘Skeleton Boy’ endows a captivating bassline from the off, taking a slow melodic journey through slick interludes and harrowing vocals; the song’s power grows as the track progresses to the EP’s end.

Overall, it’s pretty clear that the harrowing vocals and dreary sound are what Polarnecks are about and it is music the band purvey very well indeed; rather than simply being dark for the sake of it, this is a band who seem able to produce music from the troubled inner reaches of the human psyche.

If that sounds like your bag, definitely give Scary Things a bash.

Words: Jay Henderson


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