Diet Cig, Bruising, Breakfast MUFF at Broadcast, 10/1/16

Broadcast hosts a night of femme-fronted indie punk from both sides of the Atlantic.

Breakfast MUFF strike out a set of short scrappy shouty punk songs, about everything from pizza to shit jobs to love.


The Glasgow trio have recorded an impressive amount of music in the past year and all three members switch between instruments and shout into microphones, descending sometimes into screams and sometimes into giggles.

Breakfast MUFF live is a funny and exciting spectacle with an underscore of darkness and angst, like all good punk; new song ‘Stadium Rawk Love Song’ is up on their bandcamp page now.

Bruising from Leeds are an infant band that have just released their first single, ‘Emo Friends/Honey’, but are already being played on 6Music.

Naomi Baguley’s voice is soft but rich in a Waxahatchee-style, it sugarcoats bitter lyrical refrains like “I’m not enough” from anti-love song ‘Honey’.

‘Think About Death’ strikes a similarly affecting balance between self-deprecating thoughts and happy riffs.

At one point they sneak into a verse of Hole into the end of a song, revealing their lo-fi State-side influences.

Diet Cig, from New York, is electric with hyperactive energy; among the wave of guitar-and-drums bands like Honeyblood and Royal Blood, the duo create more noise and atmosphere between them than most five-piece bands dream of.

Alex Luciano skips around the stage looking like a teen skater boy and encourages everyone to join her.

The mood is captured in the song ‘Scene Sick’ with its chorus of “come on take my hand//I just wanna dance”.

They slip a couple of promising new songs into the set, a welcome addition to tracks from last year’s Over Easy EP.

Irresistible breakthrough single ‘Harvard’ finishes the set, with its cathartic yell of “fuck your Ivy League sweater/You know I was better”.

Aptly wearing a Harvard baseball cap, Luciano dances into the Broadcast audience to strike out the last power chords.

Words: Ellen MacAskill


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