FCK YES presents We Came From Wolves at Tut’s, 9/12/15

After bracing ourselves to go out in the stereotypical wintery Scottish weather, we made our way to Tut’s for our pals Fck YES’ first Christmas party.

We arrive fashionably late to the brilliantly decorated venue, just in time to catch alt rock four-piece We Came From Wolves’ set.


Tonight the Wolves boys are recording their set for their first live album and open with personal favourite ‘Glasgow Stranger’.

The first couple of tracks run smoothly as the band deliver superb melodies matched with heartfelt vocals.

Sadly around halfway in they face a number of technical problems completely out of their control, the band work hard to pull things back but it seems bad luck is in the air as frontman Kyle Burgess’ guitar strings snap.

It is clear the band is disappointed with tonight’s performance as Burgess offers those in the audience a free download of their album.

However despite tonight’s setbacks they give it their all from start to finish, seeing the irony of the situation and laughing it off.

I have been lucky enough to see We Came From Wolves live a number of times and have never been disappointed and tonight was no exception.

Words: Jess Lavin the goose


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