EX HEX, Jacuzzi Boys at Stereo, 6/11/15

An early showing for a Friday night sees a couple of America’s top indie punk acts lighting up Stereo on a night that’s jam packed with top end shows in Glasgow.

Jacuzzi Boys


Miami’s Jacuzzi Boys kick off proceedings with some fast paced garage pop that warms up the building crowd with some hooky, fun tracks.

There’s a wry surfer enthusiasm about their chat and their sun stroked sound, full of bouncing basslines and addictively urgent vocals, drags you in and gets your feet tapping.

It might be cos it’s the end of a long week, but their set doesn’t seem to lift beyond this as each track melds into the next, they have boundless energy, but it doesn’t seem to carry over into the crowd.

Ex Hex3

By the time DC’s EX HEX take the stage there’s a hefty audience down front and they’re immediately bopping along to the highly addictive ‘Don’t Wanna Lose’.

EX HEX’s sound is wonderfully sleazy yet sweet at the same time, the vocals, from both Mary Timony and Betsy Wright, hooking themselves into your head dragging you back for more.

There’s a ballsy rock’n’roll swagger about their live performance that’s truly engaging allowing their memorable garage/indie punk to blossom in Stereo’s basement.

Seamless vocal switches from Timony and Wright only bolster the show’s charm, as both girls’ vocals pack a punchy sugarcoated hook, that drives EX HEX’s clean, but not polished, sound.

It appears they’re not going to leave the stage for an encore as Timony announces they have one song left before deciding after that they have another two, but ‘Everywhere’ closes the main portion of set and the trio return for another earworm in ‘Waterfall’ that leaves everyone buzzing for a Friday night.

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Elina Lin


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