The Van T’s – Laguna Babe [Bloc+]

Like most I’m disappointed to see summer drawing to a close, however The Van T’s energetic surf enthused garage rock EP helps take me back to sunnier days.

Title track ‘Laguna Babe’ begins with a relaxed sound, however it’s not long before the listener is ambushed by twin sisters and dual-frontwoman Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson screaming vocals chanting “Laguna Laguna Laguna Laguna hey babe,” though it’s the fast instrumentals that really makes this track stand out and help get it’s resentful message across.


‘Feel, Touch, Feel’ has the same bitter feel and racing sound, while closing track ‘Another Sun’ gives the listener an opportunity to catch their breath and really listen to the heartfelt meaning behind its lyrics.

I’ve restrained from mentioning opening track ‘Growler’ til now as it is the standout from the EP, showcasing both the twins’ style and talent.

Its impressive riffs, sublime harmonies, atmospheric lyrics and buckets of attitude make it stand out above the rest making it more than deserving of its recent praise.

The Van T’s are a band that just keep getting better and better, leaving their listeners craving more.

Words: Jess Lavin


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