The Bellybuttons – PLAY! [Fuzzkill]

We all remember our first time; that unintentional stumble into visionary musical excellence; whether it be from rifling through your dad’s vinyl collection to unwittingly uncover a dusty Lou Reed

Transformer sleeve, buying a second hand CD of Stoned And Dethroned from a car boot sale – unleashing The Jesus and Mary Chain into your life or perhaps it was finding the strangeness of Captain Beefheart as you delved deeper into the dark recesses of YouTube.

It is an unexpected revelation of sound that makes you question everything you have heard up until then; add a touch of teen angst and ‘voila’ you are set for life.

Finding The Bellybuttons – a four piece English band stumbling around Glasgow – is like a rediscovery of these splendidly woeful tracks that any now twenty-something, post-indie kid should gravitate towards.

Their newest EP, PLAY!, is a nostalgic but modern, melancholic but upbeat juxtaposition and certainly a pop, shoegazing sensation laced in velvet tones.

Side A is an absolute masterpiece in all respects: a chilled pacing, intricate guitar compositions, solid rhythms and an almost instinctive understanding on how to perfect easy-listening tracks.

Now lets not kid ourselves, this sound has been done before – The Velvet Underground and Television to name a few, however here, in this form, in this band at this particular moment in time it seems somewhat fresh; modernised; regenerated, which is what makes The Bellybuttons so great.

Though, this euphonious awakening of sound is no random stroke of luck.

No, this is a well-organised, masterful group of musicians delivering poignant lyrics in flawless fashion as they flaunt their raw prowess and leap-board from their own musical influences to create something pretty magical.

Not to mention that PLAY! has thrived from Chris McCrory’s input at the intimate Shady Lane Studio Recordings.

Standing on the shoulders of the giants before their time, The Bellybuttons themselves are a far cry away from novice performers.

In fact their collection of EP’s scream professional craftsmanship, melodic talent and distinctive style which in return creates their matured sound.

So stop what you’re doing, rewind the years and PLAY!

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Words: Charlotte McVey

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