Dune Witch Trails – Waving At Airports

Guitar bands are having a great time of it here in Glasgow, and no I don’t just mean Twin Atlantic and Fatherson.

There is a great underbelly of punky, catchy and utterly brilliant guitar bands that are slowly feeding into the mainstream consciousness.


Dune Witch Trails are one such band, melting lo-fi guitar tones with poppy sensibilities perfectly; they seem to capture all that is exciting in Glasgow just now.

First track ‘Birthday Pitch’ comes straight in with the lo-fi vibe we all love, Kieran Thomas’ vocals crack just the right amount whilst still remaining melodic throughout.

The way Dune Witch Trails go from broody alt rock to full on lo-fi pop goodness is staggering.

One of the best things about this band and indeed this whole EP is the exciting and varied take on what they are doing; no two songs carry the exact same vibe.

Based on Waving at Airports, the musical talent of Dune Witch Trails can’t be doubted; ‘Goldenrod Cigar’ sees a completely different vocal delivery from the rest of the record, but it works equally as well.

It almost sounds a bit like a grittier sounding Japandroids – even typing that made me smile at the thought.

There aren’t many bands that could pack so much feeling and so many sounds into less than 10 minutes, but Dune Witch Trails manage to do just that.

Each song is just the right length to showcase many great ideas without ever becoming tedious.

Waving at Airports sets the scene perfectly for Dune Witch Trails to continue their ascendancy within the thriving landscape of Glasgow and beyond.

Words: Andy McGonigle


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