Twin Mirrors – Tenderhooks [Shoot The Moon]

Glasgow duo Twin Mirrors has landed in spectacular punk fashion with a solid debut EP in Tenderhooks.

Mirroring early Sex Pistols with scratchy vocals and the staple punk riffs and drum beats Tenderhooks showcases the raw alternative rock talent emitting from the duo.


However, the three track EP is not without flaws with lead single ‘Tenderhooks’ ironically the weakest song on offer; surrounded by a killer guitar rhythm and authentic punk atmosphere the lyrics and repetitiveness makes the song slightly monotonous.

It could be argued that mixing the lyrics up on ‘Tenderhooks’ and making it more polished would have improved the song greatly.

‘180’ and ‘Why’ are the saving grace here with catchy lyrics and melodies the rough edginess of the tracks compliment each other well with the EP having been recorded to perfection making any listener excited for the future of this relatively new band.

Formed in 2013 the EP is a intriguing glimpse into what the future may hold for Twin Mirrors with their three minute mystical package in ‘180’, that encompasses unique beats, and an opening riff on ‘Why’, so powerful you will be hard pressed to find someone switching off the final track.

Alternative punk sounds, interesting lyrics and a fantastic drum beat makes ‘Why’ the clear winner on Tenderhooks, an EP that is the personification of classic punk with a modern twist even if it does fall slightly short of the mark.

Having already performed with Slaves, The Orwells and BABY STRANGE it is clear the “noisy psych punks” are going somewhere and one thing is for certain: this EP will make any listener shiver with excitement at the thought of jumping around a dank yet intriguing basement watching Twin Mirrors perform live to a sweaty crowd.

Words: Lorne Gillies


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