Esperi – ‘Sonshine’ [Fall On]

Esperi’s single ‘Sonshine’ is highly concentrated around its folk ballad style with breathy vocals, simple yet inviting melodies and a lazy, relaxing atmosphere, making the track very easy to listen to and enjoy.

The simplistic long, drawn out guitar chords give this song a longing and wispy vibe with intricate melodies put in to balance out the track and keep it fresh, whilst sticking to the traditional folk style.


Along with the music, Esperi’s vocal talents shine through, engaging with the calm, soft and elegant feeling within the track as he uses a breathy, quiet vocal range combined with soft harmonies throughout the chorus sections.

To build the track up there are also elements of strings and a light piano section overlying across the guitar melodies giving it a sense of nostalgia and fullness.

The lyrics come across as very personal, leading to a more thought provoking and intense listen, which goes hand in hand with the style of the song.

‘Sonshine’ is a mellow folk ballad that is easy on the ears and enjoyable due to its calming nature and intimate lyrics.

Words: Louis Jenkins


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