The Deadline Shakes – ‘Phonecalls In The Bath’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]

As we await the soon-to-be realise of The Deadline Shakes new album, they gift us with their new single ‘Phonecalls in the Bath’.

Known for their vintage vibe with a mixture of rock, folk and eccentric pop operatic styles, ‘Phonecalls in the Bath’ brings everyone’s favourite pleasures into one extravagant song.


This track starts with a single gentle guitar, before being complimented by harmonies and the melancholy chords.

The vocals are haunting, but beautifully charming; the sombre vibe fades and crescendos into an extravagant upbeat and optimistic pop sound; a real head banger, especially with the contagious lyrics of “you’re taking your phonecalls in the bath, and telling me love wasn’t meant to last”

Again it fades to a gentle riff, this time more expectant, before going off on a new route once again.

‘Phonecalls in the Bath’ takes us on an emotional journey, a sweet concoction of melancholy and an epic melodic pop opera; The Deadline Shakes know how to fuse everything together and have created a refreshing track.

Words: Olivia Campbell


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