Martha Ffion – ‘No Applause’ [Lost Map]

Martha Ffion’s new track ‘No Applause’ could be the next addition to your summer playlist.

The 60’s pop infused song has that ethereal girl band vibe that makes you want to grow your hair out long and smile at cuties.


The song features dreamy surf-grunge guitars you can’t help but sway your hips to alongside punchy drumming to get your toes tapping.

In this song, Ffion has brought in some of Glasgow’s finest sound makers – label mate Suse Bear of Tuff Love plays bass and produced the song, The Phantom Band’s Iain Stewart supplies the drums and Poor Things’ Craig Angus provides lead guitar to the track.

If the rest of her forthcoming EP contains the same magic this song does, it’s sure to be marvellous.

Words: Hannah Moore


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