EARTHS – ‘Kangerlussuaq’

A wistful, atmospheric and evocative twang takes us into Earths new single: a thing that, whilst perhaps not being the most original slab of tune-age out there, builds in layers with a slightly angelic background vocal to a fairly powerful and dense conclusion; rowdy even.

Not bad for a something that comes in at an agreeably to the point, four minutes or so.


That slightly discordant, echoey, lurking voice (a touch reminiscent of C Duncan) is probably the best thing here; along with the eventual coming to life of the guitars; the rest tip toes around the edges of ‘vaguely anthemic identikit indie for girls’…but just about gets away with it; just.

Does come across like a rather more outre Keane – never a good thing, leftfield or not – but that may simply be the piano-worrying activities; a little threat would be no bad thing however, rather than reaching out to the half-literate masses with a taste for landfill that ain’t too scary and that mum won’t turn off in the car.

It’s certainly no great stretch to see them as an afternoon hit at Glasto one year, bumped into the evening the year after following some serious radio play.

Words: Andrew Morrison


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