Breakfast MUFF – The Feels [Number4Door]

I initially chose to review this record for two reasons; number one being that the band name is sensational and number two being the fact Chris McCrory from Catholic Action recorded and mixed it with the band in the scale of two days and I love that level of no messing around and just making a great record.

From the get go in this album you feel the organic energy in the songs, it feels like 80’s New York alternative indie punk mixed with sugar sweet Swedish pop.


From the very first song I fell in love with the group’s chanted backing vocals, I’m a sucker for them but in the context of their songs they work great.

At points I find myself wondering “wait is this serious?” and realise it doesn’t need to be, lyrically it feels fresh, honest and thought provoking and more often than not on this you’ll be singing along to the chorus before it the song is over.

The variance on this album is great, it’s cohesive yet explorative in its sounds; looking at tracks like ‘Cock’ or ‘Pizza’ you see the great lo-fi punk feel, but also darker tracks like ‘Drowning’ slot in to the album perfectly.

Is this album good? No it’s outstanding.

I don’t like to praise things a great deal, but the vibe on this album is pretty perfect, I feel it’s a real grower and I’ll end up listening to it a whole bunch.

Words: Wull Swailes


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