WASHED – ‘Cinders’

New single from previous Fiction Faction member, under the pseudonym of WASHED, is an electronic track entitled ‘Cinders’.

There are clear influences from 80’s electronic pop styles, but ‘Cinders’ succeeds in placing a modern twist on this style.


Various sounds shoot out from different angles, alongside a prominent riff, which repeats several times and goes hand in hand with the vocals.

It takes a few listens to effectively find your way around the track, however once it clicks, it is easy to recognise that it is intriguing and successfully experiments with modern electronic pop.

B-side, ‘What’s Three Decades’ continues to play around with darker electro styles, as “take me to the nineties is sung by high and haunting vocals over exploding synth and a mixture of strange, but effective sounds.

Exciting things can be anticipated from Washed in the near future.

Words: Orla Brady


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