Neuro Trash – Difficulty Breathing

Neuro Trash EP Difficulty Breathing is the lowest of the lo-fi bedroom ambience, complete with crackles, pops, hisses and clicks galore.

‘I Dunno Man’ is a thoughtful little tune-up on guitar that doesn’t really go anywhere, which sets the scene for the rest of the EP, whereas ‘A Feeling In Your Chest’ is slower, a reverbed piano and reversed strings take long breaths between each note, sounding a little like a Mass, albeit one recorded on a potato.


‘Cycling Through A Field With Your Friend’ returns the perpetually melancholic guitar, some nice plucking that doesn’t really try to take much of a direction, and when the music adds a background sound of a child talking, it’s enough to wonder whether it’s intentional or not, or just simply the background sound accidentally captured by recording from a bedroom, but the added ocean wave noises makes one assume it’s not.

There’s no verses, no choruses, no vocals or beats, no crescendos or breakdowns, it’s music but not as we know it, although ‘I Want To Sleep Forever and Play Guitar in My Room’ is as close as we get to a normal song, a guitar riff repeats as a synthesized violin wobbles over the top.

Title track, and final track, ‘Difficulty Breathing’ has spoken instructions on how to get over negative thoughts, whilst chords are strummed lazily in the background.

It’s not going to be a chart hit, but if you want to strum your guitar mournfully and think “to hell with lyrics, screw the rhythm section, who cares about pop sensibilities” and want to carve your own niche, who are the court of popular opinion to tell you not to?

Words: Stevie Williams


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