Jamie Flynn – They Told Me To Write Happy Songs

During the summer I tend to be drawn towards music that is easy to listen to – there is no better feeling than lying out in the sun for hours on end and listening to music that doesn’t distract or overpower.

Therefore when the sun starts to shine I often seek out solo singer-songwriters whose (more than often) music revolves around an acoustic guitar – many don’t grab my attention but there are few exceptions – Jamie Flynn is one of these.


Flynn’s EP, They Told Me To Write Happy Songs, is the perfect fit for the situation described above and I could spend hours listening to it.

Opener ‘Oh No’ eases you in softly with meaningful lyrics, heartfelt vocals and a delicately plucked guitar.

The soft whistles, featured over the track, are a nice touch, which add to the relaxed nature of the song.

The suitably named ‘Song 2’ carries on the whistling trend, but has a more distorted sound, which plays with structure of Flynn’s music, while highlight ‘Old Time Flair’ showcases Flynn’s vocals and the honesty in his songwriting, beautifully demonstrated in lyrics such as: “it’s complicated but I’ve got a good feeling on this one, yeah, I’ve got that old time flair that means something to someone/that should stay.”

Final track, ‘Flowers Are Weird’ is slightly more upbeat and features keys alongside guitar; the song pulls the EP together excellently combining its previously used elements alongside some new ones, helping build up its momentum.

The track closes with distorted nearly spoken vocals, which are almost like an inner monologue, allowing Flynn to get his message across.

Words: Jess Lavin


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