Pinact (album launch) at Broadcast, 19/5/15

It’s Tuesday evening and Broadcast’s basement is filling up for the launch of Pinact’s debut album, Stand Still and Rot.

You have to give the duo credit for bringing in a crowd on what is usually a generally quiet weekday, especially with The Hotelier playing to a heavy crowded Bloc just down the road.


After about a year, the band have reached one of the biggest moments of their career – the release of their first album – fortunately for them, the crowd seem excited to hear it.

At some point after 10pm Pinact take the stage, bathed in Broadcast’s red lighting.

Without any introduction needed, the band let loose and the audience are hit with a wall of grungy goodness that will be still echoing in your ears the next day.

Pinact truly show that you don’t need a lot of people in a band to make a beautiful noise; their live show amplifies the passionate reverb-heavy energy of their album that came out as red hot as the lights they are performing under.

The headbanging of the band is met with appreciative head nods from the crowd, who seem to be enjoying themselves.

Whilst the album is more poppy, the feedback spiked live show is more of a punch to the chest in the best way possible – you have no choice but to pay attention through the whole set.

A highlight of the show is more subdued ‘Limbs’, it’s just lead singer, Corrie Gillies, and his guitar for a beautiful and melancholic few minutes and just when you are lulled into thinking things are winding down, you find yourself hit by their signature thrashing drums again.

A large part of me wishes they were around about five years earlier; their music would have been the perfect to blast and piss off my parents with during those more angsty years; besides, their album cover would have made an awesome poster for my old collection.

They close their show just as they begun it in a heavy shower of feedback dripping sound.

To confirm to the crowd that the show is indeed over, in the style of an old school rock star, Chris McCrory kicks apart his drumkit before they both disappear off stage.

Words: Hannah Moore


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