Rozi Plain – Friend [Lost Map]

With two fine albums under her belt and a reputation for engaging and joyous live performances, Rozi Plain has been consistently warming the hearts of those who have encountered her enchanting music.

Since releasing her first album in 2008, she has been garnering praise and she is sure to add to her list of plaudits with the release of Friend, her third LP distributed by Lost Map Records.


Friend is a collection of ten, finely rendered pop songs that are in no great hurry to force an impression on the world, opting instead to reveal their charms in a more stately fashion.

At the heart of the album are Plain’s timeless vocals, which here never raise themselves beyond a reassuring hush as they deliver lines imbued with poetry, optimism and melancholy.

The instrumentation is also exquisite and serves to further develop the unique character of the material; not just Plain’s excellent guitar work, which is more nuanced and considered than most singer-songwriters, but the various electronic and percussive motifs that are distributed throughout the record (check out the ‘Tom’s Diner’ nod in lead single, ‘Actually’), lending songs like ‘Friend City’ and ‘Five Beans’ greater texture and scope.

Of course there are no massive choruses or rousing solos on Friend, just bags of originality and artistic endeavour in full flourish, and with the backing of the ever impressive Lost Map Records and a host of would be collaborators (which here include alumni from Hot Chip and Francois and The Atlas Mountains), things are shaping up nicely for Rozi Plain.

Words: Brendan Sloan


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