Passion Pusher – Distant Youth

With dozens of tracks up on his Bandcamp page, Jim Passion is no slouch when it comes to rattling out new songs.

Amid the slew of material he’s found time to give Distant Youth a more focused release, comprised of five full songs and two brief interludes, it offers a brief introduction to a world of distorted, droning chords and simple but effective drumming.


On ‘Swamp Creature,’ a neatly picked out guitar figure threads its way amid the chaos, the singer’s voice replicating the disinterested drawl of Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis, while the squally, lo-fi ‘Masons’ pounds along like early Sonic Youth, carving out a distorted rumble of splashy drums and slurred vocals.

‘Mum & Dad’ repeats the trick with several guitar tracks building and lapsing into quiet once more.

‘Home’ is probably the strongest track on the EP, building genuine momentum behind a noisy chord sequence, but with the vocals so slurred and the vocalist seemingly unconcerned with offering a sense of direction or motivation, Distant Youth can easily become a slog.

Most of all this EP shows that Passion Pusher have a knack for a gnarly chord sequence; too often though it’s sabotaged by having nothing to say.

Words: Max Sefton


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