Start Static – Arguments

‘Reckless’, the opening track to Start Static’s new album, Arguments, introduces us to the record with the lyrics: Ive been doing a lot of drinking and its dangerous/ but I like the way it feels, reflecting the title of the track itself.

The track gradually builds up, as the tempo noticeably increased alongside rousing vocals.


‘Play The Record’ features more of an indie/pop influence; it’s more raw in its production, creating a hazy, heavier sound and also features harmonising vocals and intense, prominent drums.

‘Count To Ten’ pushes us deeper into the heavier, darker sound the band can successfully pull off, however, ‘Pretty Little Bubble’ returns back to a more pop/punk influenced sound with increased focus on softer melody and vocals than the previous two tracks.

Although Arguments may be a pop/punk album with hints of indie and rock, the lyrics and emotion of the vocals hint at something lying underneath the surface of this record.

Although there is a good mix of styles, the album could have benefit from one or two more stripped back tracks highlighting the strong lyrics and vocals present throughout, which are sometimes overshadowed by the music.

Arguments showcases Start Static’s ability to vary their style, and there are several tracks here that will undoubtedly stick with audiences in a live setting.

Words: Orla Brady


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