Swim Deep at Tut’s, 3/4/15

The last time RC caught Swim Deep live was back in 2013; back when the band were sporting peroxide blonde bowl cuts, acid wash denim and baggy Nirvana T-shirts.

Now strolling on stage wearing fitted polo-neck shirts, high wasted tailored pants and the odd tweed blazer, the band are practically unrecognisable from their former get up.


The sound has changed too; they have obviously spent a few more late nights, out dancing in clubs with sticky floors, rather than the early-to-bed saccharin sweetness of their prior material.

The addition of James Balmont as a permanent member on percussion and synth, gives the sound an altogether more ‘adult’ feel.

Starting off with new release, from 2015’s upcoming album, ‘To My Brother’ is a whimsical, spacey affair.

With percussion reminiscent of Happy Mondays and vocals (and haircuts too) similar to The Rapture it’s not long at all before everyone begins dancing.

Next track ‘Honey’ – is the first major sing-along of many more to come, from the full capacity King Tut’s and it feels exactly like what you need.

A warm hug and a whisper that summer is just around the corner, the perfect remedy to a damp and drizzly spring.

With full on strobe, psychedelic visuals Swim Deep have a live performance that feels like your very own 70’s disco.

The Birmingham five-piece has certainly tightened their delivery and for the next 45 minutes play a sleek set that is together and somewhat dexterous.

The opening riff on ‘Red Lips I Know’ is so much akin to The La’s that RC wouldn’t be surprised to find John Powers himself up on stage.

It isn’t until hit single ‘She Changes the Weather’, is played that we are reminded of how romantic and twee lead singer Austin Williams can in fact be.

Closing song ‘End City’ sees the crowd moshing up and down in frantic appreciation; with vampish vocals, delivered breathlessly down the microphone, and Williams jerking around stage like David Byrne on Prozac, it’s easy to like Swim Deep.

If you want to dance vicariously and not take life too seriously then get yourself down to the next live show.

After all summer is just around the corner.

Words/Photos: Ang Canavan


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