Lonely The Brave at Tut’s, 12/3/15

The anthemic, guitar-rousing Cambridgeshire five-piece Lonely The Brave have acquired quite the fan-base in Glasgow, as is evidenced by the densely damp and sweaty veil that manages to catch the latecomers off guard as they enter the foray of the LTB legionaries, who have already found their mark; awaiting the inevitable barrage of emotively passion-laden live versions of their favourite tunes.

Nominated for Best British Newcomers and with their debut album hitting the number one spot on the rock charts upon its release, the snowball effect has only just begun for LTB, tonight further solidifies their status as ‘ones to watch’.

An eclectic crowd for an indefinable band is a manifestation of the band’s indirect commercial appeal.

Singer, David Jakes hides out in the back of the stage letting his gnarly and powerful; yet hauntingly empathetic voice become the no-holds-barred winner, battling it out in the war of waves and hertz.

The stage formation is slightly difficult to fathom upon first glance, however, with Mark Trotter effortlessly providing most of the on-stage banter, it becomes a workable formation that strays from the usual five-piece homogeneity.

The band is a hermetically tight unit with bass player Andrew Bushen and drummer Gavin “Mo” Edgeley providing a fundamental rhymic structure, which allows guitarists Trotter and Ross Smithwick space to create an encapsulating ambience.

The set does not flounder or give at any point during the bands performance, which sets them apart from the myriad acts that usually fall prey to the mid-point ‘bar-magnet’, ‘chitter-chatter’, slouches in their sets.

‘Victory Line’, ‘Trick Of The Light’ and ‘Backroads’ have the everyone singing-along akin to the last few times Biffy Clyro could get away with playing the Wah Wah Hut.

Every song is rapturously received tonight and the response is mightily deserved.

LTB are a powerhouse of energy, emotion and clever lyricism, a bigger venue beckons for the bands next visit; marvelous stuff.

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Words/Photos: Derek Robertson

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