Ravechild meets Turbowolf

Turbowolf came blazing out of Bristol in 2008 and spent a few years developing the collection of tracks that would form their self-titled debut album.

The album garnered more than its fair share of critical praise, yet it’s one of those albums that’s notoriously hard to categorize.


First single ‘Nine Lives’, from their new album Two Hands, was released recently as well leading to the band landing support slot on Death From Above 1979’s UK tour.

ravechild spoke to bassist Lianna Lee Davies shortly after their Glasgow show about new material, touring and their infamous covers EP.

You premiered ‘Nine Lives’ a few days ago how has the reaction been so far?

Great so far, we will be releasing a cool video for it very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

What’s going on with the upcoming album, Two Hands, what changes have you went through since your first album and what new elements have you been working with?

I wasn’t on the first album, however I do know Andy (Ghosh) and Chris (Georgiadis) learnt a lot from the first record whilst recording what worked and what didn’t, to make something even bigger, better and more weird!

The obvious change is the line up Blake (Davies) and myself, so I guess we are the new elements.

Your music is notoriously difficult to categorise, is this due to a large melting pot of influences or is it a conscious effort to make something inherently unique each time you sit down to record?

Well it’s better to create something new and do your own thing rather than sound the like everything out there.

I need to ask about the Covers EP, I loved it. You must be sick of being asked this but what are the chances of there being a second one?

There may be, it depends whenever we get some time off from touring schedule, by that point we will properly be working on a proper album!

What would be on it, you must have some idea? Even if there’s no plans at the moment, perhaps a DFA 1979 cover?

Some Motown possibly, something you least expect.

You’ve had a release pretty much every year since the band formed, are you always writing and coming up with new stuff, even during your hectic touring schedule?

No we haven’t, we like to take our time and make everything perfect or weird!

You guys have a hell of a tour lined up there’s a few breaks here and there though. Do you find the breaks make touring easier or harder? I’ve heard some bands say that the further into a tour they get the easier it becomes, but on the flipside I’ve heard the opposite as well where they need to be in “tour mode” for a few months or weeks straight.

Breaks are good, it’s nice to be back with loved ones, however it’s that weird thing; when your at home you want to be away when your away you want to be home, but I prefer a big stint out rather than a few little ones.

You’ve got a few festivals lined up already, what’s your take on festivals do you prefer them to normal club gigs?

I prefer big stint of normal gigs rather than one offs however I do love playing festivals! I love both really.

Out of your hectic touring schedule so far this year, what gigs are you most looking forward to?

All of them, but the DFA79 I think is our highlight so far it’s been a dream.

What about new bands, what have you been listening to recently?

Check out Spit Shake Sisters from Brighton, Idles from Bristol; also I’m big into a band from American called Merchandise, also check them out!

Words: Phil Allen


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